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by Joe Lyddon

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  • Fun Projects...


  • A Kids Chair from scrap ply... Mike Smith, Ravenswood

  • A Real Hoot!... Devyn Bowers, age 11

  • Toys for Tots plans... Alden Miller

  • Fun Puzzle / Brain Teaser... Gail of Hometown Woodworking

  • Adult Toys / Puzzles...

  • A COOL Backyard Chicken Coop
    ... by Catawba ConvertiCoops
    ... David Bissette

  • Homemade Puzzles - link... Bruce Viney

  • Chairs...

  • Jake's Chair - FREE Plans & Instrctions

  • Jake's Chair Amended pdf

  • The Morris Chair

  • Making a Stickley leg joint

  • Boxes...

  • A Collection of Boxes... The Multitude

  • Wood Hinge projects; boxes, etc.

  • Gift Projects...

  • "Pig" Cutting Board...
    Hard Maple w/ Walnut Accents
    ... Don/aka Yotie

  • Making a Custom Lazy Susan... BrianM

  • Other Shop Stuff...



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